Amar Kapoor

Tutor Profile
Amar Kapoor

- Bachelors of Computer Science 
[specializing in business & social studies]

- Masters of Professional Accounting

Working full time as:

- Professional Tutor since 1999 [Specializing in Online Tutoring]

 * Mathematics [all types]
 * Business [including all areas e.g. marketing, advertising]
 * Accounting
 * Economics
 * Computer Science
 * Statistics
 * Sociology

- English Tutor since June 2000 [achieved IELTS score of 9.0]
 * English as a second language
 * Report Writing
 * Communication Skills
 * General English 
 * Writing

Accounting, Calculus, Computers, Economics, English as a 
Second Language, Math, Reading, Social Studies, Sociology, 
Statistics, Writing

High School, Undergrad, Grad

Terms of Service:
I have been helping students out for the last 8 years, and my medium 
of training has been through the Internet mostly. My students have 
been from all parts of the world and I can provide references of my 
past and current students [after their permission]. When you email 
me regarding any services, please at the very least mention your 
name, education level, subject which you need help in, and the 
country where you are residing. I would appreciate if you also tell 
me in the first email exactly what kind of help you need. If 
possible, send me a description straightaway of your 
project/assignment given by your school. I do not mind if you 
want to be anonymous as some students want to be, but atleast give 
me some name to address you with (by the way, you can keep your 
school name private if you wish). 

As I have been a student not so long ago, I can understand the 
issues students face in their studies. One of the most popular 
services that I provide is help for assignments and projects: 
students know their stuff but just cannot complete the assignment at 
hand. I guide people in all aspects of their studies and as I just 
stated, especially in school/university projects. Please do not be 
afraid to get in touch with me as I am very easygoing and I love to 
solve problems. It is worth every cent of your money to hire a 
professional tutor who can help you achieve the grades you want in 
university, as this forms the basis of your future life.

Rates are very much negotiable, and would entirely depend on what 
kind of service you want from me, as well as the time required. I 
can charge on an hourly basis or as a lumpsum payment for the whole 
project. However, please note that I do not provide any service 
before 50% of the payment is made at the start; I can charge the 
rest at regular intervals to make your life easier. Although the 
Internet as a medium of instruction is very useful, it has been 
marred by some dishonest people unfortunately, and I have been a 
target of a few of those people in the past. I have very reasonable 
rates and I can charge in installments during the process. You can 
make payments through Western Union and that is the only method that 
I accept at the moment due to its international availability and 

Amar Kapoor
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