Tutor Profile

Dr Med 1 medical science
BA of Business

* I am a tutor for all school and university subjects. I have taught 
many students from year 1-12 and university students for 10 years.
* I ran a private learning college for 6 years and as a leader of the 
college, I prepared all learning materials from year 1 to 12 as well 
as university level. Although I was a main teacher, I also managed a 
number of teaching assistants who helped me.

Math, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Biology, Computers, 
Economics, English, English as a Second Language, Environmental 
Studies, History, Reading, & Science  

All Levels

Terms of Service:
* Tutoring begins after the terms of service have been finalized by an 
* Both parties must agree to service rates, subjects covered, and 
available hours. 
* Pre-payments by credit card will be accepted.

Basic studies: $25/hr.
High School: &30/hr.
College: $50/hr.

It is based on the degree of difficulty or the time required. Send me 
your problems or queries via e-mail.  

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