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This website is being updated and the tutor list completely refreshed in December 2015.

History Tutors

A-List Tutors 4-Graduate School
A1-Candace Wallace - K-12 All subjects, K-Adult Computers
Abhishek Tiwari
Amlon Tutors K-12, Undergraduate, Graduate
Angela All Levels
Angela Ekkert Elementary and Highschool, Undergrad
Anysubject Ltd Elementary to beyond university High School to Post-graduate Level
Benjamin Leighter K-12
Bill K - 8
Binu Joseph Grade 4 - College Level
BJ Elementary, Middle School and Adult literacy
Brenda K. Barlet Elementary through Associate degree level.
Brent Janus 3-12, Undergraduates
C.R. Thaxton K-12,College, Adults
Cathy K-12
Cheryl R. Dorsey K-12 and College Level
Christopher Lee 7 through undergraduate
Courtney Morris Any
Curtis DeBaun IV 1-12
Denise Cantor all
Diane Sandoval PreK-8
Donna Lynn Mosley-Simpson all levels
Edward Shapiro Pre-K through College
Ellen Yanklowitz K-8th: College
Erin Leslie
Faraz All
Firie Jill Ramoa
First Tutors Ranging from primary education through to adult
Fred Herbert K4 to Year 12 secondary.
Gabbie middle school and up
Gail Gerald K-12, Freshmen and Sophomore Years
Gateway Teaching K-College
Gemma P. 1-12
Grace Lee (Certified Teacher) K - 12th grade
Heather S. K-12, College
I Need A Helping Hand .com All grades & college
J E Effron Kdg Elem Sec University Grad School
Jessica Watson All
Joe Regalia k-12/college
Joe V. high school & college
Jonathan Greeniaus 6th through College
Judith Smith 1st-8th grade/Esl all Ages
Julia Metcalfe A level; GCSE key stages 1-3
Julia Sherman 1-9
Julie Ratliff Middle School through Graduate Work, specialize in College Test Preparation and Composition of all levels
Justin Allen 4th through college level
Katrina Boisvert All grade levels, undergraduate english, history, classics
KConnections K-12
Kris K-12, some college upon inquiry
Kristen Koral Wenz K-12
Kristian Keefer K-12 as well as college level
Kristian McHenry All
Larissa All
Lindsay all
Lizabeth A. Manns High School, College
Marc and Tina Brown Pre-K through 2nd year of college
may K2- 6
Melinda Ackerman 6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Michael Asato 10th - 12th
Michael Sisk 7-undergrad
Mike Wallach K - 12
Ms.Norman K - 8
NICOLE NAZARE all grades
Nolan Burk 9 - 12
Oliver Lawrence 7 through graduate
Pallav Jha
Parmita Dey 4th to 12th grade
Paula Kalamaras all
prashant 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 all
rajesh k gangwar high scool to graduates
Rajinder Kaur K-12
Rebekah K-12
Robyn 6-12
Rosemarie Martin 6-12
s.siemsen n-12; remedial college subjects
saalmina 1 to 12
Sarah R. L. Boese Elementary - Graduate
Satrajit Sanyal
Shelomi R. Sadamas all elementary levels up to college
Stephanie Birth through Death
Theresa G all levels
Top Notch Tutoring Pre-K/Kindergarten through College/Adults
Top Notch Tutoring Pre-K/Kindergarten through College/Adults
Troy C Stewart K1 to Senior College Undergraduate Level Kindergarten-College
vinay saxena all levels.
Wayne Johnson K-16
YourTutor K-12, Undergraduate, Graduate
Tom Rogers Highschool College Prep and Community College
Amiy Agarwal 3rd to All levels
Pamela Lewis Elementary to College level
Dr. Christopher Johnson 3RD,4TH,5TH,6TH,7TH,8TH,9TH,10TH


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