Brent Janus

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Brent Janus

B.S. in Physics- Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO
B.A. in Political Science- Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO (both 
Magna Cum Laude)

I have a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in Political Science.  I am in 
the process of applying to grad school for astrophysics.  I have 
provided tutoring for math, science, history and/or social studies 
from elementary to the college level.  I have been specifically 
singled-out with an award for being able to explain difficult topics 
in a variety of ways.  I can tutor almost any history, physics 
through the undergraduate level, and all of math from basic 
arithmetic to multivariable calculus and differential equations.

Astronomy, Calculus, History, Math, Physics, Science, Social Studies

3-12, Undergraduates

Terms of Service:
$10/hour.  E-mail questions will be answered as soon as I receive 
them in the order they arrive.  Questions can be submitted and 
answered through the regular mail if so desired.  Phone help can be 
arranged via e-mail.  All payment is the responsibility of the party 
seeking assistance.  Preferred method of payment is Paypal but I will 
accept a check or money order.  Paypal information or payment address 
available via e-mail.


Brent Janus
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