Jennifer Earles

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Jennifer Earles

B.S. Biophysics (Dec 2004)
B.S. Geology (Dec 2004)
Currently a Master of Liberal Studies student.

Currently I am a writing consultant at the University of Southern 
Indiana.  I occasionally tutor fellow students in various 
introductory science classes as well.  I have also tutored the 
occasional student in a variety of subjects including basic grammar 
and math, music, humanities, and literature.

Astronomy, Biology, Computers, English, Environmental Studies, 
Literature, Music, Reading, Science, Social Studies, Writing

High School, College

Terms of Service:
I am willing to tutor via email or instant messaging, whichever works 
best or even a combination of both.  If you like we can discuss which 
methods might work best depending on the subject and type of help 
desired.  For instant messaging sessions a minimum of 48 hours notice 
is best, however if something comes up I may be able to work someone 
in with less notice.  I am usually able to respond to emails daily, 
but again the sooner you contact me the better.  Most hours I am 
available for instant messaging sessions are in the evenings and 
weekends, though I can do some sessions during the weekdays in the 
morning/afternoon.  The best advice I can give, regardless whom you 
go to is never wait until the last minute to ask for help!

$15 for 30 minutes or $25 for 60 minutes via instant messaging.
Emails vary depending on the amount of help needed, from $5 for a few 
short questions, to 30 and 60 minute rates if it takes longer to 
answer questions (for example helping edit/revise a paper).  If you 
like you may send me what you need help with in advance and I can 
tell you how much I would charge beforehand.  
Payments are accepted through paypal.  I also give discounts for 
multiple sessions.  Any questions please feel free to contact me!

Jennifer Earles
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