Tutors Online is a listing of independent tutors who work via various online technologies (email, phone, fax, iphone, NetMeeting etc). If you would like to be added to the Tutors list, Sign up Here.

Tutors Online was first launched in 1997. At the time many people wondered if tutoring through the internet wasn’t just a service to do homework for you. However, experience has shown that effective tutoring is more about the people than the medium. In the following years there have been technology advances that also make the medium more effective. These include a host of netconferencing options via webcams that make tutoring through the net little different than in person.

For a few years Tutors Online was a section of the DC Tech web site. In February 2005 the site was relaunched at http://www.school-tutor.com. It is still owned by DC Tech, but the new domain opens up opportunities for the services offered here to expand.